The Dust Jeanswear was founded almost 10 years ago by Kamal Soueid that already had in its portfolio a large structure of import and export of textile products. His initial idea was to create a Jeanswear brand with a well-differentiated and innovative product, completely the opposite of any national brand.

Working withprompt delivery system, the brand,
that was 100% for exportation was an absolute
success for almost seven years. Its differentiated
Jeans was reference on the market for many
brands. Since 2011, Kamal is looking to change
the focus of work with Dust, and so, he invited,
in 2013, Max Daguano to join the brand
repositioning in the market.

Max Daguano that brings the whole experience on fashion retail, consulting and advisory services and with great expertise in Jeanswear market, now, is part of the corporate structure of the brand.

The Dust products will be produced worldwide , beyond Brazil , countries like Peru , Turkey , China , Paraguay and many others, are part of the portfolio of suppliers and partners, however, the development is 100% Brazilian.

The commercialization system passes prompt delivery to programmed application, available throughout Brazil through a handpicked team of representatives.

The concept of the brand's main focus is the Jeanswear, however, with a '' touch '' more differentiated and modern. The art concept,jeans united to art! The Jeanswearwith endless forms of art in their treatments.With different tissues, seams, trims, modeling and mainly laundry. The sky is the limit! Basic, street,classic,western,dusty,fashion, vintage... true art off Jeans.

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